Welcome back! Thank you for taking an interest in our company, we appreciate your patronage more than you expect. You see, in a world where almost everything seems to be out-sourced overseas, Interknit has chosen to remain local. We are only able to do this with your ongoing support, so we thank you, our supporters and customers.

Sometimes we become busy with our lives and whatever we pull over (literally, a pullover, sorry, we like puns) our heads after our morning shower can become an afterthought when actually, it’s quite important. The current ABC documentary, War On Waste, highlights some of the downfalls of fast fashion and since we don’t want to be downers, today we’d like to share with you the many upsides of choosing a carefully curated wardrobe of quality garments made to last.

Firstly, we’d like to explain wool. Please liken this to your Friday evening (or Monday breakfast, we won’t judge) glass of wine. From a very young age most of us learned that wool came from baa baa black sheep. Or rainbow sheep, it’s 2017 after all. But all sheep are not equal in wool. Just as all grapes are not equal in wine. Merino sheep have premium quality wool and if they were grapes, they’d make the softest wine. Wait. Anyway, due to the exquisite nature of the wool, Merino wool is the type of wine you toast your bride with, as compared to the cask wine variety wool you will find on the dollar rack at your local fast fashion retailer.

We now have high quality, soft, premium wool that’s been spun into yarn and dyed, ready to knit into a garment. Its cask wine equivalent is a bit rougher but is sitting in a sweat shop in some off-shore factory waiting to be knitted into another garment at a fraction of the price. Here at Interknit we then have our yarn specially treated so that it will be machine washable (a shout out to Gen’s X, Y and Millennials doing their own washing), low pill and resistant to colour bleeding during wash. Who has time to set aside for hand washing, rinsing and making a vain attempt to squeeze dry before drying flat a garment we wear every day? Already this Interknit garment is sounding good, like a nice glass of red on a cold Ballarat night.

There’s more. Your dollar store knitwear will itch and chafe at your arms all day, causing you to curse wool and its tendency to shrink and stretch when you forget to hand wash it. Pure Australian Merino wool won’t itch and chafe, it’s also impossible to be allergic to as it’s a natural fibre (I haven’t made that up, read more about it here). You are probably itching because the low quality wool is harsh and scratchy, the low cost process of spinning makes it feel like you’re rolling in the sheep paddock, or worse, the terrible reaction you’ve had is to the cheap processing in your dollar store garment. You will start to regret your purchase in the same way your hangover makes you regret that bottle of Passion Pop.

So tonight, as you pull that pullover over your head and toss it in the laundry basket, take a moment to ask yourself – was my jumper made by local people earning a wage to support local families? How long ago did I purchase my jumper and how long do I intend to keep it before it too becomes landfill? What carbon footprint has my jumper made in its journey to my house, has it traveled internationally? How has my jumper withstood my use of it – is it stretched, pilling or otherwise ill fitting? Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in quality knitwear – for the good of your wardrobe, the good of the local economy and the good of the environment. Go on, pour yourself a glass of wine, you’ve earned it. – M