A new generation of buyers is emerging and scaring the retail world. Fast fashion is on its way out and ethical spending (aka ‘slow fashion’) is well on its way in. Buzzwords like sustainability; minimalism; carbon footprint and fair trade have all made their way into the modern retail scene, and for good reason. Take a moment to read the following tips and quotes on slowing your fashion and find the inspiration you need to change your wardrobe philosophy today.

  1. Live thoughtfully and take your time
  2. Clothe yourself conscientiously
  3. Support local lines and shops
  4. Get to know your designer
  5. Dare to be different – preserve local flair
  6. Care for your clothes gently
  7. Buy better, buy less
  8. Pass along

How does Interknit support ethical fashion?

  • Our range of Outdoor Jumpers are made from recycled yarn;
  • 100% wool is a renewable resource – the Australian Merino sheep grow a new fleece each season and are not harmed during shearing;
  • The use of Australian Merino Wool in our Ballarat Gold range supports Aussie Farmers;
  • The making of our jumpers is sweatshop-free;
  • Made with the highest standards of quality, our jumpers pass the test of time;
  • Our carbon footprint is low due to the jumpers being knitted; sewed; pressed; packed and sold through our store all from the one location in Ballarat;
  • New designs in our range aren’t influenced by the catwalks, we have timeless designs in classic colours made to suit your style, not the fashion industry trends.