Winter has begun and now is the time to get your Winter layers in order. To help you achieve the best seasonal wardrobe, we’re offering our lightweight, jersey knit, Willow jumper at 25% off for the entire month of June (2018)!

The base layer

Willow is the perfect base layer for a winter wardrobe, achieving a huge tick on the major criteria – moisture wicking. Worn close to the skin, 100% Merino wool will absorb body heat vapour before it becomes moisture, keeping your skin dry. Our Willow style jumper is a super lightweight jersey knit to ensure your entire outfit doesn’t become too heavy. With delicate curls at the wrists and waistband, this jumper offers a flattering drape with plenty of stretch. If you’re looking for something with a bit of flair, have a look at our Ava | 2020 as a base layer, a similar weighted jumper with horizontal detail on the front panel.

The mid layer

For a mid-layer you are looking for insulation, and again 100% Merino wool is up to the task. Not only is Merino wool conveniently stain and odour resistant, it is also fire resistant and a natural barrier to UV, performing better than most synthetics and cotton. Your mid-layer is probably the layer you will spend the better part of your day wearing so choose a stylish option from our Ballarat Gold or Branberry ranges. Our classic ladies jumper, Sophie | 1010, consistently performs well winter after winter. Available in popular seasonal colours, this classic jumper is a mid-weight, designed to be worn as a mid-layer all winter long. For a bit of knitted detail, look for Macey | 5144 or for colour contrast try on a Ruby | 1510.

The outer layer

The outer layer needs to help you keep the weather out. Just because it’s not waterproof, doesn’t mean you can’t use wool! Our classic heavy houndstooth knit, Taylor | 5330 poncho makes a great outer layer for windy days. Or for a more classic look, try a Mileena | 1030 cardigan with a super soft Merino scarf – and don’t forget your beanie!