As we slip into what is rumoured to be the coldest Winter on record in Ballarat, we see two main fashion types emerging – the darks, and the vibrant brights. I’d like to introduce a third type, the whites. It’s refreshingly different to see both men and women wearing white woollies in Winter, especially in pure natural fibres.

Why wear white you might ask? Apart from looking crisp, clean, smart and classy, wearing white is associated with many positive mental and spiritual aspects. It is an exercise in mindfulness to choose your clothes wisely and wear them carefully. Curating a sense of mindfulness in your life has been associated with positive outcomes for mental health self-care. Imagine being aware of the feel of the natural fibre on your skin? Imagine taking notice of what you brush against during the day and being deliberately careful with your movements so you remain in a clean white garment at the end of the day? Wearing white for mindfulness is an exercise in slowing down your thoughts and concentrating on the present. In a spiritual sense, the yogic teacher Yogi Bhajan takes wearing white a step further, associating it with colour therapy and describing colours as having an ‘excessive effect on consciousness.’

Yes, I can hear you say, but no amount of mindfulness will save me when I choose to eat beetroot at a barbeque. We all know Murphy’s Law means the chance of you accidentally dropping dark coloured food on your clothes is directly proportional to how light coloured your outfit is. At this point I would like to introduce a somewhat revolutionary idea for saving your white jumper from food stains – the eating scarf. Yes, a contrasting (darker) coloured scarf that you can arrange around your neck at mealtimes or coffee breaks to act as an adult bib. Brilliant. Of course if your scarf is your white woollen accessory, you could simply remove it while you eat.

Lastly, I’d like to invite you to check out Interknit’s range of Australian Made white woollen knitwear and accessories, from cardigans to jumpers to beanies to scarves, we have a range of choice for your white woollen requirements. Made under our Ballarat Gold and Branberry labels, all of our knitwear is made from pure natural fibres and hand finished making it the perfect ethical clothing choice this Winter.