Why choose Ballarat Gold?

Our Ballarat Gold ladies classic range has been carefully refined over the past three decades to include only the very best in timeless knitwear designs.

In keeping with our company values, our Ballarat Gold classics are all made from pure Australian Merino Wool that has been certified as originating from Australian farms. All our garment making processes happen in the one Ballarat factory, taking the wool from yarn through to finished garment. Our Ballarat Gold styles use only the best sewing finishes and pass through rigourous quality control before leaving our factory. We use worsted wool which means the fibres are a higher quality and have been spun in a way that will reduce the chance of pilling. We also treat our garments for machine washing so it’s even easier for you to care for.

Featuring four jumpers and two cardigans, our Ballarat Gold ladies classic range varies only in the colours we offer each season. We have styles to suit different body types and most styles have an optional vee or crew neck finish. With stockists around Australia, the Ballarat Gold brand is an easy go-to for your wardrobe staples.

Ethically sourced | Made in Ballarat | Finished by hand | Australian Merino Wool | Environmentally friendly | Made to last