What does Shipping cost?

Within Australia

We offer $15 flat rate shipping Australia wide, regardless of the size and weight of your purchase.

FREE SHIPPING OFFER for orders over $100 – use coupon code ‘free’ at the checkout page.

Please note this is not an automated coupon and if you forget to enter it in on the checkout page and subsequently pay for shipping, we do not offer refunds on the shipping cost offer.

Free Collection in Store – pay online, especially if you wish to take advantage of our AfterPay option, and collect your order at our store, 1004 Humffray Street South, Mount Pleasant, Ballarat.


Please contact us directly by email or phone with your order and delivery address so we can arrange an accurate quote for overseas shipping.

You may have your order collected by a courier of your choice however please contact our office first as packing charges may apply depending on how your courier needs the parcel wrapped for collection.

How do you deliver?
We will ship to RESIDENTIAL addresses via Australia Post regular parcel post and update your order with a parcel tracking number once it has been sent.

We will ship to COMMERCIAL addresses via either Toll IPEC; Toll Priority or Australia Post depending on which is most economical for your postcode, and update your order with either a parcel tracking number or a consignment note once it has been sent.

If you require urgent shipping, please phone or email our sales team to have your order packed with Australia Post Express Post. Extra charges equal to those we are charged by Australia Post will apply.

How can I do a Return or Exchange?
Please see our RETURNS & EXCHANGES page for information on this topic.
How do I care for my knitwear?
Please refer to our GARMENT CARE page for instructions on how to wash, dry, clean and store your garment.
Do you do repairs?
If you accidentally damage your garment we may be able to repair it. Please bring your garment into our Ballarat store for an assessment and quote. If you are not local please contact us via email including photos of the damage and we will do our best to provide an assessment and quote before having you send it to us.
Do you offer adjustments?
We do offer adjustments as required.

If you require extra length on sleeves or a body we will need to knit your garment especially for you.

If you require sleeves or a body to be taken up/in, we can do this if you provide exact measurements. It is best to do this via a phone call with our sales team or by email.

Adjustments on full priced Ballarat Gold purchases are offered free of charge.

What is your sizing like?

Size Charts

Where possible, we have included size information in with the product description.

For Outdoor jumpers please refer to our Outdoor Sizing Chart page.

For Worksmart and Hi-Vis Knitwear, please refer to our Work & Hi-Vis Sizing Chart page.

What is your standard range of sizing?

Our standard sizing ranges from a XS (equivalent of a size 12 or 85cm chest) to a 7XL (equivalent of a 32 or 135cm chest). In some styles there is a small surcharge for larger sizes to cover the extra cost of yarn. These will be clearly advertised if they apply.

Can you make me a jumper bigger or smaller than standard?
If you require a garment either smaller or larger than our regular sizing, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs. The best way to achieve this is to send us a garment that is your correct size (maybe an old worn out jumper) and we will use it as a pattern to create a new jumper for you. Failing this we will ask you for many measurements and do our best to knit up something that fits you perfectly.

You may be asked to pay a deposit on a custom made item. You may need to pay a surcharge on extra-large sizes to cover the extra cost of yarn. You will be able to choose your own colour for a custom made jumper.

Can you custom make me a knitwear item?
Yes we can.

If you would like an existing design customised slightly for you we can arrange to make it as soon as production time and the correct yarn is available. It usually takes between four and six weeks for a custom made garment. Slight customisations include changing the neckline of a garment; changing the colours or type of yarn; changing the button placement etc.

Due to commercial viability, you will need to have minimum quantities and/or need to pay design setup charges. It is possible for you to supply your own yarn however depending on the quantity

It is best to speak to us directly with your ideas regarding this. If you a commercial customer looking for us to commission knit a long-term product for you, please see our commission knitting page.

Are the colours pictured exact colours?
Please note that all monitors display colours differently, so 100% accuracy of these colour swatches can’t be guaranteed.
Where is your knitwear made?
We make all our knitwear in our Ballarat factory. Sometimes our tags will simply say ‘Made In Australia’ but please be assured we have made it in Ballarat.
Where does your Merino Wool come from?

The Merino wool we use is Australian Merino wool. Due to a lack of commercial spinning plants in Australia, the Australian wool is sent overseas to be spun and is then re-imported.


Will my Knitwear shrink?
We shrink the knitted pieces of your garment on our heat presses before we cut them to pattern. After they have been sewed, the majority of our knitwear will be gently machine washed and cool tumble dried before being pressed again and folded into shape. This process, along with our high quality yarns, means you should not expect any shrinkage in the wash beyond 2% of the garment size.

Please never use a high heat setting on the tumble dry for your garment as this is known to cause knitwear to shrink.

Will my Knitwear stretch?
With proper care your knitwear won’t stretch. If you accidentally use a high spin cycle on your washing machine you can try to pull your garment back into shape at the sides so it will dry without stretching.

If you’ve hung your garment on the line while wet and it’s stretched (especially heavier garments such as our Outdoor range), try to tumble dry it on a cool setting and this may help it regain its shape. Please note that tumble drying is never recommended on the care label and should only be used on low heat settings and for short periods of time.

Will my Knitwear pill?
Your Interknit garment is designed to be resistant to pilling.

Pilling is caused when the surface of the knitted garment is subjected to friction (rubbing/washing) and small fibres are rubbed to the surface of the garment in little balls (pills). Garments knitted with shorter fibres are more susceptible to pilling.

Interknit uses worsted yarns which are spun with yarn fibres about the length of a matchstick and therefore more resistant to pilling.

To avoid pilling you can make sure to always wash your garment inside out and on a gentle cycle to avoid friction from washing. If you’re having trouble with pilling in only one area it is likely caused by a certain repeated activity. Pilling on your back and shoulders could be caused by carrying a heavy backpack; pilling around the stomach area could be caused by working pressed up against a workbench etc. School and work jumpers face significant friction and sometimes despite the best quality yarns, you may notice pilling.

The good news is that while visible pilling can make your garment look ‘worn out’ before its time, you can always remove the pills. The easiest method is to use an electric depillar, these are battery operated and widely available.

Unfortunately, a garment made with quality worsted wool looks identical to a garment made with shorter fibre wool when brand new. If you’ve purchased a garment that is showing signs of pilling, there is not much you can do except to remove the pills as they appear and try not to cause any extra friction. Hand washing your garment can also help avoid further pilling.

If your Interknit made garment is pilling please contact us. We take pride in our quality garments and appreciate all feedback.