Pony Club Jumpers

Interknit pony club jumpers are one of the best choices for your club for many reasons.

  • We excel at quality knitwear, so your purchase is an investment that can be handed down to younger club members;
  • We keep our prices competitive by using wool blends – this helps the jumpers last longer and wear harder too;
  • We only use ethically sourced products and all our production is done in Ballarat, Victoria;
  • We can cater to all sizes and amend jumpers to have longer sleeves or shorter torso lengths etc;
  • We will produce a colour sample for your club before accepting orders to make sure the colour meets your approval;
  • We can offer the pony club jumpers for individual sale on our website but ship them all to the one address to save on freight;
  • We have an in-house embroidery service if required;
  • We have 80 years of experience in knitwear – we know how to make a great jumper!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your club members to get their orders placed (and for us to get a sample colour swatch to you) and 3-6 weeks for production and shipping.

We have been making pony club jumpers locally for decades now and unfortunately it’s very difficult for us to make a jumper without seeing a sample of your requirement. We have variances in all colour ways; stitch types and finishes and while the order may seem straightforward, from our end there are a lot of things we would like to verify before accepting the job. Once a jumper from your club has been made by us, we keep these details and saved and future jumpers do not have this initial order delay.


Did you know we can also make custom knit acrylic beanies in your colours and with your club initials on them? With minimum orders of only 20 units and an optional pom-pom, you could promote your club with Australian Made club supporter beanies.