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Cardboard Cones of Yarn

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Throughout the year we have empty cardboard cones available for pick-up.

These cones make awesome rocket ships; trumpets; unicorn horns and much much more - all pending your imagination of course.

These are cardboard cones that have had yarn (either natural fibre or acrylic) spun on them. They've been in a factory environment and have most likely been exposed to some form of fumigation for little critters that eat yarn at some point in their life cycle. We have had zero issues in the past with allergies or hygiene regarding the donation of these cones, however if you are concerned perhaps this is not the product for you. It's a donation that is coming from a sanitary manufacturing environment and we can't guarantee anymore than that.

Our preference goes to any school; any daycare; any childcare and any craft group that can make use of these cones for art purposes. However, any person is welcome to apply for a box of empty cardboard cones of yarn. Please select free local pick up unless you have phone us in advance and are prepared to pay the cost price for shipping to your location. If you haven't contacted us in advance for a shipping quote, your pre-order will be cancelled.

We do keep a list of interested local art centres; childcare centres; daycares and schools that are interested in donations. You may always phone us to add yourselves to this list and we will phone you if we have excess cones that have not been claimed. Our phone number is 5331 5533.


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