Celebrating the Humble Woollen School Jumper


Some cultural shifts are worth embracing and the shift towards ergonomic, safe and comfortable school uniforms is something we can get behind. School bags that are orthopedically approved and school shoes designed for all day comfort are just two examples of many…but did you know the humble woollen jumper has always been ergonomic, safe and comfortable? That’s not to say the woollen school jumper hasn’t moved with the times, they’re no longer an itchy, scratchy, hand wash or dry clean only affair. Your woollen school jumper is actually pretty cool, let us show you how:

• Your Interknit woollen jumper is Australian Made. This is not only a great lesson for your child to begin learning WHERE his/her clothes are coming from, it also means you’ve invested in quality;

• Your woollen jumper is made from Australian Merino Wool, at least 50% and up to 80% depending on the school in question. By purchasing your jumper, you are supporting Australian farmers which is yet another great lesson for your child;

• Wool jumpers are fire retardant, while you’d hope your child isn’t exposed to fire at school – you know as well as the next parent how much fun it is to play with Bunsen burners in science class. Accidents happen, and wearing a jumper that won’t melt to your skin seems like a great preventative measure;

• Wool jumpers are insulating, they don’t just keep you warm, they keep you cool. If your child works up a sweat running to class, the jumper will absorb the sweat vapour before a cool breeze can come along and freeze them;

• Wool jumpers absorb smells as well as vapours – this seems like an especially good investment for self-conscious high school students working on their deodorant levels;

• Wool jumpers are stain resistant, while they absorb vapours, they repel liquids. Chocolate milk spilled on wool will be easier to wipe up than chocolate milk spilled on polar fleece;

• Wool jumpers look smart. Wool has a natural drape that is suited to jumpers and can dress up a polo shirt or go well with a blouse and tie;

• Wool is also forgiving during rough play, a stretched sleeve will stretch and fall back into place – in fact, wool can be bent up to 20,000 times before breaking. A lesser quality jumper is more likely to rip and tear;

• Wool is naturally UV protective, for the sheep that grow it and for the humans that wear it as jumpers;

• Children will be at school, or making their way to and from school, for the best part of 35hrs a week. During Winter, this means their jumper is getting a lot of wear, probably more than any of their casual wear coats and jumpers will get in the same time period. Wool jumpers are made to be worn and washed again and again and still look great as hand me downs to younger siblings. Import quality jumpers don’t have this type of longevity;

• You no longer have to hand wash or dry clean wool jumpers. Turn them inside out and wash them on a gentle cycle in warm or cool water. Dry them flat to keep their shape;

• The best part about washing wool is that because of wool’s odour and vapour absorbing properties, woollens don’t need to be washed as often as their fully acrylic counterparts;

We know back to school is a tough time; it comes right after Christmas when many families are still struggling to regain budget control after school holidays and gift giving. There’s a lot to put together for a child to start school and it all adds up. A woollen jumper might not be your favourite item to drop cash on, especially in the middle of stinking hot January Summer, but hopefully we’ve shown it’s an investment in your child’s comfort just like their equally expensive dress shoes and ergonomic school bag.

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