Recycle Me

Recycle Me

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We have cardboard cones on offer FREE all year round for anyone who can reuse them. Surprisingly hefty, we offer roughly 200 cones per carton although you are welcome to take more or less as required. Due to their weight, cardboard cones must be collected from the Ballarat shop during opening hours. 

We keep a list of interested daycares and craft groups on file to phone when we have excess, please email us your contact details if you would like to be added to the list. You do not need to be a group or organisation, any possible reuse is welcome. 

As almost all of our yarn is re-imported (due to there being no commercial spinning mills in Australia) you can assume these cones may have been subject to pesticide spraying on the docks as they entered the country. It is not possible for us to tell if there is residue at the end of the cone’s life with us, however if you have concerns it would be best not to use them for gardening.

Fabric offcuts

Since the beginning of our flatbed knitting days, we have refined our knit programs to reduce as much waste as possible. Unfortunately, there are still offcuts from making some garments.

We are more than happy to arrange a bag of offcuts for you if you contact us a few weeks in advance of your anticipated collection. Our offcuts have previously been used to stuff footstools firmly and our pure wool offcuts have been washed and dried and used to stuff knitted toys for children in hospital.  We require a few weeks notice if you want pure wool only (low allergy for stuffing childrens toys) as we run our factory schedule in batches and will need to work out when our next pure wool run is coming up and make sure we keep it aside for you.

Please note that the offcuts from our factory are not suitable for felting crafts (we have had our local knitting for the homeless group try) due to most of our wool being suited for machine washing.

Once again, you do not need to be a group or organisation or a charity, we are happy to see our waste diverted from landfill to live another life.

Mill ends

We usually have a small store of cones available with a small amount of yarn left on them, but not enough yarn for us to knit with commercially. These ends are best used for weaving or lace hand knitting, These cones are offered at an affordable rate based on their content and weight and you can often pick up a couple of useful cones for under $10.

Occassionally we have cones of yarn that are quite full (400-800g from a 1kg cone) but we are unable to use them. These we find are most suitable for people with home knitting machines. Depending on their content, these are priced per gram.

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