Our House Brands

Our House Brands

Interknit Branberry

Interknit Branberry is the result of two businesses merging. Interknit Hosiery Company dates back to 1939 and Branberry Blankets was first registered in 2001. By 2012 the Blaszak family owned both and after almost a decade of running two separate growing businesses with separate sets of books, staff, stock and trying to keep the entities separate in the same office, they decided to merge.

The team at SmartPix Ballarat  created a new logo to help the transition along and Stoke Design Co Ballarat  merged our online presence into one new and improved website. Our stylised ball of wool (Trade mark 2190923) and the ball of wool with our name under it (Trade mark 2190922) are both registered trademarks with IP Australia and Interknit Branberry is registered as our business name.

Worksmart TM

A registered trademark (Trade mark 806802) since 1999, ‘WORKSMART’ encompasses our knitted workwear, including high visibility pure wool garments that meet Australian Standards. Pure wool workwear is low static and flame resistant, as desired for industry wear from mining to electrical trades.

Sold to wholesale, trade and retail customers Australia wide, we have off the shelf solutions in popular workwear colours and blends of yarn from 100% wool to 50% wool. As a uniform solution, our workwear is cut to a unisex fit and suitable for adult sizes 8/3XS to 32/7XL. Embroidery is available on-site and our garments are all machine washable for easy care.

Custom colour combinations and extra style options are available with minimum order quantities from 12 units across the size range in a style and colour way. We can accommodate requests for epaulettes; ID pockets; shoulder patches; pen pockets; elbow patches; segmented reflective tape; sew on tape; fire retardant tape and more. As part of the WorkSmart range, we also offer beanies; balaclavas and more.


Introduced in the 1980’s, Interknit’s Outdoor jumpers are popular in the Ballarat region because they combine wind-proof protection using a wool rich knit blend. Also known as farmers jumpers, our Outdoor Jumpers are made from a mix of recycled wool yarn with a bit of nylon to hold it all in shape. As a result, these jumpers are hard wearing and stand up to the rigours of outdoor work and machine washing.

Interknit’s Outdoor jumpers are sold in stores throughout Victoria; Tasmania; South Australia; Western Australia and New South Wales. They are also available year-round online. Style variations include a zipped collar that can be zipped up and rolled down for breezy rides on the ATV; a button and collar style for a more business casual look; a classic vee and crew neck; a longline button and collar style to suit longer torsos. For those extra cold days we have a heavy weight fisherman’s rib knit style which is also available with cotton drill shoulder patches and functional elbow patches in a military style.

Ballarat Gold

Interknit’s original fashion label, Ballarat Gold now includes machine washable ladies and men’s classic style garments with only the colour choices varying year to year. Only made from pure Australian Merino wool, Ballarat Gold is known for quality hand finishing and longevity of the garment.

Branberry Blankets

Branberry had humble beginnings with a small range of designer baby blankets made for busy families. Established in Sydney in 2001 by a very busy mum, the brand was completely manufactured in Ballarat by Interknit, Victoria’s last rural knitting mill and focused on natural fibre designer baby blankets that could be both machine washed and tumble dried.

In 2012, Branberry Blankets was put up for sale by the original owner who hoped for a buyer who would keep the brand all Australian. Unfortunately, all offers to purchase were made with the intention to take manufacturing offshore. Having knitted the brand exclusively for eleven years, the owners of Interknit decided to purchase Branberry Blankets as a separate entity. For another decade, Branberry Blankets ran as its own business from the same factory, office and shop as Interknit. While Branberry continued to make baby blankets, it slowly expanded to include throw blankets; modern adult fashion and accessories for adults, youths, toddlers and babies with a strong focus on only using natural and ethical fibres.

The expansion of the brand Branberry into fashion and homewares was so successful that the small administration team at Interknit struggled to keep up with keeping two separate sets of books. A decision was made to merge the entities, beginning by trading under the one ABN and gradually spreading until every aspect of branding had been redesigned to say ‘Interknit Branberry’ or just, ‘Branberry’. By 2023, the original brand name ‘Branberry Blankets’ was obsolete.

Previous house brands


Previously trademarked until June 2016, “Korporate” was a label attached to workwear suitable for corporate use, knitted in wool blends.

The Authentic Johnny Mack Tractor Jumper

Previously trademarked until June 2016, ‘The Authentic Johnny Mack Tractor Jumper’ was a range of lightweight Outdoor jumpers.

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