Interknit strives to assure our customers with high quality Australian made products, reliable delivery, and satisfied after-sales service. By doing so, we have already enjoyed and continue to enjoy a long-lasting reputation in the market commission knitting for very well known reputable brands and labels. Our clients take pride in the fact they can keep their manufacturing on shore here in Australia and offer their market a high quality Australian made product, inturn keeping the local economy booming

“Research published by the Industry Capability Network shows that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia, the following effects flow through the economy:
$333,900 worth of tax revenue generated
$985,000 worth of value-added generated
$95,000 worth of welfare benefits saved
10 full-time jobs created” – Australian Made Website

Our commission knitted garments are stocked in high end retail stores around Australia. Including but not limited to;
– Men’s & Ladies Fashion Knitwear
– Children’s Knitwear
– Baby Blankets
– Blankets and Throws
– Beanies & Scarfs
– Collars & Cuffs
– School Uniform
– Rugby Tops

To inquire about Interknit knitting for your brand please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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